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Tender is the New Tough

The New Tough


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A campaign that invites us to challenge the current discourse around masculinity and what “real men” should look and act like.

Through compassionate and judgement free conversations we will create the space for awareness and reflection where we can understand how and what men were taught and the ways such behaviours and thinking no longer serve ourselves or the world around us. We will come together to learn, unlearn, re-learn and teach.

Tender Is The New Tough is a movement dedicated to creating change and avenues of healing as it pertains to male and male-identified bodies. Using the Re-Tribe resource platform, we will offer different processes for engagement including: workshops, calls to action and mentorship programmes.

At this stage, our goal is to focus on sports culture and the impacts that “acceptable” language, training, and behaviour has had and continues to have on athletes.

Tender Is The New Tough is community driven, co-created, action based and solution oriented.

We ask:

What did I learn about “being a man”

Who did I learn from?

How did I learn it?

How has it impacted my relationship with myself and others

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We recognize: the privilege and power that comes with male bodies; especially white, cisgender bodies from middle and upper middle class status.

We learn:

It’s ok to cry

It’s ok to be wrong

It’s ok to apologise

It’s ok to care

It’s ok to be loved

It’s ok to feel lost

It’s ok to ask for help

We look within ourselves for change.
We do not blame.
We apologise and make amends.
We ask how we can make this better?
We do the work that is required.

We do this in a “Tender” way

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So can we…

Change our perception

It is time we use our place as men to help make this world a better place.
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